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Diesel Exhaust Systems – BigRigPower diesel exhaust systems are made using 4" mandrel-bent aluminized steel tubing in along with the enhanced BigRigPower muffler for more flow, more power and a robust, powerful sound.

Dyno tests on a 2002 7.3L Ford equipped with a prototype system generated improvements of 17 hp and 10 ft/lbs. of torque over competing exhaust brands. This Ti-Tech coated, aluminized steel muffler features BigRigPower's peerless, patent-pending chambered design with no filler material. Tailpipes are polished 304 stainless steel and all hardware is zinc-plated for maximum corrosion resistance.

Amazing Performance and Awesome Sound with 4" Diameter Aluminized Steel Tubing

Mandrel-Bent Tubing Yields Outstanding Flow and Boosted Performance Unique BigRigPower Muffler Design with a Distinctive Performance Sound Beautiful Polished 304 Stainless Steel Tailpipe Engineered to Decrease Back Pressure and Increase Performance for Pulling Heavy Loads - Crucial for Diesel Towing Applications.

New Hi-Tech Coating promotes Corrosion Resistance and Super Long Life, BigRigPower Owntheroad.ca had already become renown in the auto performance industry for building dependable, top quality high speed products. This was the result of two decades of direct experience enhancing and then testing their work on countless motors. Even earlier still, in 1933 that Vic ran an auto repair shop, in 1938 he purchased his first ’32 Ford Roadster. This would become his initial performance enhancement guinea pig — a car which at the same time had to provides himself, his wife and his son with their daily transportation. BigrigPower’s earliest work was focused on to gaining improvements on roadster’s Flathead V8’s factory-issued engine power.

Ford engine creating all the excitement at the time was the FE series V8. The “FE” was named for the fact that it was usable in both Ford and Edsel. At the time BigRigPower had recently obtained an Edsel Pacer and had been designing a triple-carburetor manifold to apply to it. Brock reported in Hot Rod, that lab tests at the new FE engine power-plant showed actual horsepower for these engines functioned at roughly two-thirds of the advertised level. Of course 2/3 of 300 hp rating leaves one with 200 HP. This amount  is plenty to get a two-ton automobile around better than successfully. But the problem remained: a hundred horses were missing. Owners of the vehicles that claimed to posses them probably were curious as to there whereabouts.

Brock determined —and correctly, it turned out —that BigRigPower could return those missing horses back to their appropriate place in the engine. They might even build some new ones, also!

They tested over 30 various engine combinations. Finally, they managed to push a standard 361-inch diesel motor from 211 horsepower up past 300 and all the way 342. BigRigPower along with its team restructured the ignition, replaced  several different camshafts, added larger valves and  additional carburetors. They mounted custom headers and even enhanced the block up to 412 inches. BigRigPower Owntheroad.ca had successfully taken the Ford automobile out of the realm of being lightweight equipment and into the pantheon of the Hot Rod.

You can get the best performance enhancing engine parts from BigRigPower Owntheroad.ca. For every type of road vehicle and their diesel exhaust systems are unmatched.

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